Our Experts

Third Party was created to pair people in all kinds of relationships with mental health professionals qualified to help on the spot.

Cheri McDole, M.A.

Founder & Lead Relationship Counselor

Hello fellow human!

My name is Cheri and I created Third Party just for you! I LOVE helping people, and I especially love helping people with their relationships. It is through our relationships that we learn so much about ourselves and life itself.

I have been a therapist and relationship counselor for over 15 years and I am excited for myself, or someone on our team, to be able to work with you and your loved one. All counselors at Third Party have mental health degrees and have been trained to work specifically in relationship counseling. I personally select all of our mental health professionals to ensure that are not only good at what they do, but also truly love what they do.

I believe so strongly in myself and my team that we offer a money back guarantee! If for any reason you feel your counselor was unhelpful to your situation you get your money refunded to you instantly.

So give us a try. We look forward to serving you!