Third Party Counseling is a convenient go-to resource to help any two people when they are struggling to communicate effectively and relate with one another in a healthy, productive way.

We offer same-day appointment relationship counseling to help resolve issues in the moment rather than having to wait for an appointment with a long term therapy couples therapist. 

Our service is perfect for:

Married Couples

Long-Term Partnerships

Newly Dating




Parent & Child


Christian Relationships

LGBTQIA+ Relationships

Polyamorous Relationships

…and anyone else seeking to connect, understand and communicate better with someone they care about.

Our non-biased relationship counselors offer a safe space for each party to express themselves, and receive helpful and practical feedback from a trained mental health professional.

We help you reach a resolution quickly and offer in the moment tools to move toward a more peaceful and healthy relational dynamic as soon as possible.

Relationships can be hard. We help make it easier. Sometimes all it takes is bringing in the unbiased counsel of a Third Party.